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Will Libra, Scorpio Or Sagittarius Be Shouting, “Mayday”, in May 2013?

Will Libras Be Shouting, “Mayday”, in May 2013?

You can give yourself a well-earned pat on the back for getting through, what for many of you, will have been a rough couple of months.  Sure, some people may appear to have been more successful than you but they may not have the obstacles to overcome that you’ve had.

You may have to confront your mortality this month in terms of near misses or attending funerals, but the focus isn’t really on physical death – it is more on coming to terms with death and ceasing to allow the fear of it to hold you back.

Will Scorpios Be Shouting, “Mayday”, in May 2013?

This is a wonderful transitional month for you. Your love life and finance transform, mutate and improve. Yet, this is only the beginning the real transformation and excitement comes into play in June. With all this potential ready to be unleashed take care of your health, so that you are fit enough to make the most of the pleasures that are around the corner.

Will Sagittarius Be Shouting, “Mayday”, in May 2013?

No reason for you to be crying, “Mayday”, this month. Your love life should be going well, you may even be keen to get a little more serious with your lover. There may even be an office romance or romance with a “spiritual guru” on the horizon. Finances, career and health are all looking good, with the emphasis on productivity rather than fun this month.

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