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Why Does Capricorn Sometimes Have A Fish Tail?

If you look at the top left corner of the welcome message you will see a creature that might best be described a mergoat as he is a goat who appears to have a fishy tail rather like a mermaid. Who or what is he? He is Capricorn the Sea Goat.

But why does he have a tail? There are several reasons for this and this representation of Capricorn often represents the Capricorn personality even better than the nimble mountain goat often used to represent this complex cardinal Earth Sign. The tail represents several things, one of which is the passionate emotions that are often felt but carefully hidden by this sign. While Capricorn is capable and frequently does have very strong feelings, somewhat similar to those of the Water Signs, they tend to hide these fearing that expressing their heartfelt feelings will drive those they care most about away.  Some Capricorns tell me that they feel that their fishy tail represents their opposite sign Cancer, a sign well known for its strong emotions.

For me, the fish tail also represents the connection that Capricorn has both to their subconscious and the collective unconscious. It represents that hidden part of this sign. One of the reasons Capricorn people are so powerful is that many of them are far, far more than the left-brained, unimaginative folk that they are often dismissed as.

Could the Sea Goat’s tail represent a tendency to introspection, brooding and depression? Yes it could but it also represents something far more likely to be considered a blessing. It represents the ability that many Capricorns have to rise from the bottom of the ocean to the loftiest heights and the lengths they will go to in order to achieve this.

The tail also indicates that this sign may have a tendency to pulled back by the past. Many Capricorns have not had the easiest of childhoods and it can take them years to move beyond this and become the people they have the potential to be.  There is hope in the symbolism of the Sea Goat as the goat part of the Sea Goat represents the ability to move forwards and upwards to a brighter and better future. The tail can also be seen as propelling the Capricorn Sea Goat forward if the strong emotions felt by this sign are embraced and used in a constructive manner. Saturn, Capricorn’s ruler is not all about repression and restriction, one it’s most powerful gifts is the fact that the restrictions that many Capricorn’s have to contend with often provide the mold that shapes them into someone rather awesome!

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