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Where Aries Would Least Want Their Ex To See Them

Where Aries Would Least Want Their Ex To See Them

Aries is the first sign in the Zodiac so it should come as no surprise that these are born leaders who like to be seen as highly successful alpha-type individuals. In keeping with this an Aries hates to be caught off guard and always wants to have the right answer ready.

So, if for example, an ex happened to be in a business meeting where the Aries was being criticized for a job not well done or having somehow missed the ladder for a promotion, this would be enough to drive them over the edge. Any work situation where they are not seen to be at the top of their game could prove to be devastating for this sign if their ex is in attendance. This is especially true if the Aries is currently being eclipsed by their ex at work.

This sign often pays more attention to the overall picture rather than the details so they may be caught in a situation where they have, for example spent an absorbent amount of time planning a gala, only to have missed a detail that throws the entire plan off balance. An Aries would never want their ex to see them falling short in any way, shape or form and especially not in a social or professional status-related arena.

They wouldn’t be keen on their ex seeing them being harangued or put in their place by someone more powerful than them either. And as for the embarrassment of being seen by the road, in the rain, waiting for someone to tow their car away … aargh the shame of it!

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