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What’s Your Art Sign


Very much into performing and being centre stage, so this sign is not usually a passive listener, reader or watcher although they will sit through action films and happily listen to dramatic and/or martial music. Aries also often loves to write, act and dance.

The Ram also has a natural talent for video and computer game design.  In short a creative and arty sign.


Taureans appreciate art, music and creativity. Many Taurus are fabulous singers and even those rare Bulls who cannot hold a tune will still cheerfully sing along to the radio. They are also keen gardeners.

The Taurean also likes painting – even those Taureans who have no artistic ability can certainly appreciate great art and will certainly ensure that their living environment is tastefully put together.

Taurus enjoys fashion design and can also make a superb make-up artist.  Some Taurus indulge their creativity by becoming perfumers, furniture designers or, if fabulously wealthy, Patrons of the Arts.

Taureans also make excellent jewelry designers, sculptors and many Taurus love acting.


While an ace communicator, Gemini, is not normally a sign associated with artistic endeavours except  writing.


Cancerian artistic pursuits tend to revolve around their natural talent for cooking, interior design and gardening. Like Taurus, Cancerians have excellent taste and a keen interest in the Arts.


A natural actor who enjoys most creative and artistic pursuits including but not restricted to acting, comedy, singing, dancing and writing. The Lion also enjoys painting, jewelry making, fashion and interior design.


A natural communicator with excellent taste Virgo frequently has artistic interests including acting, sculpting, writing, music (both listening and performing) and painting.


Like fellow Venus ruled sign, Taurus, Libra is thought of as an artistic sign. The only sign regarded as more artistic than these two is the dreamy and mystical Pisces. Librans often express their keen intelligence through creative pursuits and are talented painters, musicians, artists, interior designers and sculptors. As befits a Sign associated with elegance and balance, many Librans are talented dancers and have a keen interest in fashion.

Those rare Librans who do not excel in artistic endeavours usually have a keen interest in the Arts.


Scorpios are generally not regarded as artistic, though they do have a great appreciation for art that they can immerse themselves in and that resonates with them. There are, of course, artistic Scorpios and many of those Scorpios who produce works of art do so with an erotic signature and certainly challenges us to look at life in a different way. Scorpionic art does not tend to feature fluffy bunnies, rainbows and butterflies but invites us to explore the secret, forbidden and taboo.


The Archer is a supremely talented story teller with a great sense of rhythm, so dancing and playing in a rock band can appeal to the Archer. At the very least the Centaur will happily listen to music that has a great beat.

In keeping with the Archer’s love of a good story there are plenty of successful Sagittarian actors and writers.


Capricorns are usually very in tune with their bodies from an early age so many of them enjoy, and are talented at, dancing.

They are also deep thinkers so can be talented writers and song writers – just don’t expect any froth from them. Any emotional outpourings will be deep and heartfelt.


Artistic Aquarians do love dreams and fantasy, so there are plenty of Aquarians who have a talent for writing Science Fiction. The Aquarian also enjoys listening to music and is quite often the first on the dance floor.  Photography – particularly creating surreal images also appeals to the Water Bearer

As the Aquarian is non-judgemental  and fully able to recognise the boundaries between reality and fantasy, they also act as a magnet for creative types.


And so we reach the end of our journey and arrive at the Sign that is synonymous with art.  The Piscean loves dancing and music, and is often a talented musician.  A love of story-telling and photography can translate into film-making and video-making abilities too. The Piscean has poetic gifts also, I wonder how many bards of old were born under the Sign of Pisces.

Not only does the Piscean tell stories through the written word or by translating them into a visual narrative, they can also bring a story to life through their acting abilities. Pisceans also express their creativity through clothing, textiles and interior design.

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