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What Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius And Pisces Needs In A Relationship To Be Happy.

What Sagittarius Needs In A Relationship To Be Happy

Freedom, freedom and freedom. Clingy types need not apply. The Archer must never ever be given cause to feel that they’re being tied down yet the lover must prove themselves to be in love with this most complex of zodiac personalities. Some challenge, eh?

The Archer is a friendly and outgoing soul with a large fan club, so insecure types need not apply. Accusing Sagittarius of infidelity sounds the death knell for any romantic relationship with them. They aren’t good at being deceitful nor are they comfortable with lying so if they’ve strayed they’ll let you know. An honest and guileless sign, they expect total honesty from their partner. They also expect their talent for entertaining to be appreciated.

What Capricorn Needs In A Relationship To Be Happy

To be taken seriously for starters! Mock, dismiss or patronise this sign at your peril as they do not suffer insults (or fools) for long.

One of the zodiacs good guys this sign takes love seriously, is honourable and expects the object of their affections to do the same. Intensely loyal, the Capricorn expects commitment, total honesty and complete fidelity from their partner. They offer that and more in return. It is also important for the Capricorn to feel valued, admired and appreciated. The serious Sea Goat hates to be mocked, embarrassed or being made to feel useless. Being surprised with a bunch of friends singing happy birthday will not go well either!

What Aquarius Needs In A Relationship To Be Happy

Tolerance and understanding. Complete commitment and fidelity once the Water Bearer has decided to take the plunge. The Aquarian will expect plenty of freedom when in a relationship and will expect the partner to enjoy hanging out with the Aquarian’s eclectic collection of friends.

Clingy types need not apply as the Aquarian is not the zodiac’s biggest fan of intimacy. They are capable of loving deeply but are not overly keen on being obviously part of a couple. Conflict is to be avoided as well so explosive fallings out followed by passionate making up are not for this sign. They hate being taken for granted too.

What Pisces Needs In A Relationship To Be Happy

Pisces needs plenty of romance and reassurance. This sign needs plenty of loving gestures, to be regularly swept off their feet and to have their dreams taken seriously. A loving protector who shields the Piscean from harsh criticism or some of life’s harsher realities is a definite must. If the Piscean can find such a person they will become surprisingly resilient when it comes to dealing with life’s challenges.

Oh and woe betide the partner who forgets anniversaries or the Piscean’s birthday.

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