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We’re All From Mars – Your Mars Sign And What It Means

The sign in which Mars resides in your birth (natal) chart indicates how you will respond to sexual stimuli. It is directly linked to sex drive, the way in which you will pursue and treat your partner, your physicality and stamina and your need for self-assertion. Because Mars is so strongly linked with competitiveness, impulsiveness, assertiveness (and aggression) it has much to do with the projection of personality. The Mars position also indicates whether your energies are going to be largely physical (fire signs Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), material (earth signs Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), mental (air signs Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), or emotional (water signs Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces).

Mars in ARIES

You are blessed with an active mind and an active lifestyle. Your response to life, especially sex, is ardent, eager and enthusiastic. You want to live life to the full. With Mars in its home sign, Aries, you often act without thinking through all of the consequences and can therefore be rash and impulsive. This can even result in injuries (especially to the head).

You have a direct approach to romance and lovemaking, and therefore need a lover who isn’t too concerned with endless foreplay and romantic gestures. They also need to be prepared for the fact that that Mars-in-Aries makes his or her mind up very quickly and expects to initiate most of the sexual activity. Mars-in-Aries does not like to be chased or expect to indulge in a prolonged courtship. This guy or gal wants to see some action!

As a result of your impulsive reactions to life and love you need to be careful not to grab an unsuitable partner – look before you dive in, Aries! Also, be sure to get all sides of the story and think things over carefully before acting in anger. Otherwise, you may regret it when you calm down. Finally, remember that your partner does have feelings, so indulge your competitive streak by making the mother of romantic gestures occasionally.

Mars in TAURUS

Your responses to sexual stimuli are strong and sensual in an earthy way, but slow to arouse. You are very persistent and extremely patient when striving toward your goals. You also refuse to accept defeat.

Money and other material possessions are important to you, and you prefer to surround yourself with the best quality you can find. This placement encourages you to open your eyes to what else has value – love for example.

You enjoy a great deal of sensual contact with your partner and need someone who is likewise predisposed to being caressed and hugged. You also desire security in a relationship, which can lead to you becoming unadventurous or, worse still, jealous and possessive. In sexual encounters you are slow to become aroused but have the stamina to show a great deal of endurance in lovemaking. You seek a long- term relationship, which will provide you with a constant source of love and sexual stimulation. You also need a relationship that remains on an even keel. Dramatic and tempestuous types are not for you.

Mars in GEMINI

Your responses to sexual stimuli are lively, bright and not intense. You are likely to be all talk and no action as far as some of the more physical types are concerned.

You have a very sharp mind, and others see you as very witty, perhaps sarcastic. This is a great placement for a writer, salesperson or anyone else who needs an edge when it comes to communication. You have also have a tendency to start several projects at once, generating a great deal of nervous energy and failing to complete any of them. Oh, dear! Try not to over-promise this time, Mars in Gemini! In order for you to succeed, you really must learn concentration and self-discipline. You also need to engineer some downtime into your hectic schedule in order to avoid constant burnout. Failure to do so may result in physical illness or injury.

With Mars in Gemini you need constant excitement and stimulation in order to maintain your interest in a love affair. Your search for new and entertaining partners is likely to be life-long. You are strongly attracted to partners who have mastered the art of intellectual lovemaking as mere physical attraction is not enough.

You are highly inventive and experimental in sex and have a very delicate, sensual touch. You are also more than happy to have several lovers on the go. What better way to stop you getting bored, you say? Well, you could try teaming up with someone who is as experimental as you are!

Mars in CANCER

Your responses to sexual stimuli are sympathetic, sensitive and intuitive but not aggressive. You can become very emotional when you are feeling insecure though you usually manage to hide this from others. However, there are occasions when the mask slips and you can become quite moody and defensive with others. All this emotion can create too much acid in your stomach and result in digestive problems. Add to this a tendency to put on weight and you have a disaster waiting to happen unless you make it a point not to eat when you are overly tired or upset.

Although you are ambitious, industrious and have a natural aptitude for business, your greatest comfort comes from having a comfortable and peaceful home. You are a caring and protective lover and are very responsive to the emotional and physical needs of your partner. You are affectionate and sentimental, and feel most comfortable with your lover in familiar, safe surroundings. A tendency to take the lead in any situation means that you need to be careful that you do not come on as being overprotective or smothering. Treat your partner as an adult when you play adult games, Cancer!

As a slightly shy yet intense sign you may find that your desire for a lover may build up for a long time before you act upon it, and then your intensity is surprising and, for some, lovers more than a little scary! Try to let your lover know when you’re ready for some amorous action, particularly if they’re not as sensitive to atmospheres as you. Then you can both enjoy anticipating the pleasures to come.

Mars in LEO

Your responses to sexual stimuli are positive, passionate and extremely enthusiastic. With Mars in Leo, you are highly creative and artistically talented. Furthermore you have the confidence, enthusiasm, dedication and ambition required to put these gifts to good use. Like Mars in Aries you are impulsive and passionate about everything in life and determined to live life to the full. The only danger of this Mars placement is that pride may make you stubborn and quarrelsome (at high volume! You are the zodiac’s drama queen!). You do need to know when there is a danger of overdoing it, both emotionally and physically, otherwise, you could strain your body, and specifically your heart.

You are a warm, loyal and open lover who is extremely generous with your partner. You are unlikely to put up with courting rituals unless they appeal to your sense of the theatrical, but you are a very attentive lover who will go to extreme lengths to make your lovemaking sessions perfect, and to be creative in the bedroom. Be sure not to insist on sole control over directing and choreographing the show as your partner come up with his or her own stunning ideas!

Mars in Leo gives you the gift of being able to make any love affair or romantic situation a magical one. You treat your lover like royalty, and expect them to treat you with the same courtesy in return. You demand that your partner respect you and allow you to maintain your dignity (the famous Leo pride). Piss takers need not apply – you have been warned Aries and Gemini!

Mars in VIRGO

Your responses to sexual stimuli are hard to please and perfectionist, coupled with a practical, down-to-earth physical reaction. Your ability to assert yourself in a relationship, and elsewhere for that matter, is often frustrated by your own incessant worrying and scrupulous attention to detail. While it is good to be organized and to have a plan of operation, you also need to learn to be a little more spontaneous and carefree.

Although you are ambitious, you are not ideally suited to leadership. Why? Well, you find it hard to handle positions of high responsibility. You tend to take on everyone’s problems and end up with all sorts of nervous complaints and stress related complaints. You’re lovely but just not ruthless enough, Mars in Virgo! Furthermore, although you are practical and diplomatic with others, you are not prone to taking risks or to participating in cutthroat competition.

You are a very careful and meticulous lover and will make sure that the surroundings and atmosphere are perfect for yourself and your partner. This does not mean that you are uninspiring in the sexual arena, however, although you are somewhat slow to arouse sexually, you go out of your way to please your lover, employing superior (often inspired) technique, sensitivity and attention to detail.

You can be overly concerned with personal cleanliness though. No-one is suggesting that you put up with halitosis, greasy hair and dirty fingernails but you need to be aware that lovemaking is not the most sanitary of activities. You can also be too critical of partners, which is a classic passion-killer.

Sexual tools can be fun for you if you will allow yourself to be so bold and spontaneous – you can always sterilize them first!!

Mars in LIBRA

Your responses to sexual stimuli are aimed towards establishing relationships where you will be noticed and admired. And yes, this is Mars in Libra not Mars in Leo! With Mars in Libra, you prefer peaceful social exchange rather than hot-tempered disputes. You also seek constant balance by arguing both sides of any situation. Phew! And there’s more – in an effort to survive in a world that is often anything but peaceful, you must develop the art of negotiation and compromise but not to the degree where you become a cipher for a partner’s views.

When it comes to work and business you are a natural at working in harmony with a team toward a common goal. You are also skilled at getting others to give you what you want, assuming you know what it is that you want. Not all Librans excel at decision-making! You are pretty Machiavellian too!

You seek a partner who will enhance your status. Appearances are important to you, and you are concerned about what others think of you, possibly too concerned. It is likely that your partner will
be physically attractive as well as poised and tactful. You are very attentive and will go to extreme lengths to please your partner. You also bore easily and will often instigate change in your relationships to prevent them becoming stale. Just be sure that you do not provoke change just for the sake of change; learn to recognize which elements of your relationship should be preserved and which should be thrown out. It is important to you that any relationship you have maintain a quality of fairness, though this may be your view of fairness rather than a partner’s!.


Your responses to sexual stimuli are intense and passionate, the ‘all or nothing’ approach. You are very perceptive and have the ability to see through people’s false fronts, no-one fools you for long. You have a magnetic personality, and although you are quite controlled, others can sense your highly developed sexual charisma through your calm exterior. You are passion personified and anyone who tempted to form a close bond with you must be prepared to handle your intense emotions.

You are loyal to those whom you love and you expect the same loyalty in return. You are not into unfaithfulness either. A passionate and dynamic individual, you want what you want now and you will tenaciously pursue your goals until you reach them, no matter how impossible they might seem to lesser mortals. You are easily aroused and need a partner who really can appreciate your intense lovemaking.

Once you learn to develop more self-discipline, become less self-critical and focus your energy better, you will have greater success. Until then, you will be controlled by your desires rather than the other way around. You are a very ardent and intense lover, and it is vital to your wellbeing that you express this on a physical level. Like the Mars in Cancer native you are very good at hiding (and repressing) your emotions, you can be jealous, possessive, suspicious and even vengeful.

On the plus side you are extremely honest and will make every effort to keep your word. In spite of this you are a master (or mistress of seduction) subtly manipulating a lover into bed, and you usually get your way once you set your mind to it. You easily can easily read your partner while giving nothing away about your own feelings, so don’t expect your partner to be a mind-reader. No matter what your sex, you are usually in control in your relationships.


Your responses to sexual stimuli are energetic, impulsive and direct. You also have a daring and enthusiastic attitude about life coupled with a love of travel. Your philosophical and egalitarian nature leads you to conclude that humans are equal no matter what their race or culture. Travelling merely serves to prove this.

With Mars in Sagittarius, you are an independent thinker and enjoy a good philosophical debate. Beware of becoming intellectually arrogant – you don’t know it all! Watch out for a tendency to be tactless, too! You can also have a tendency to exaggerate when backing up your argument, stating your abilities or relating your adventures. You are intensely curious, love adventure, and can have a short attention span in matters of love. You enjoy the chase more than the actual culmination of a love affair. Because you tend to jump into any affair with vigour, ‘Let’s get physical’, ought to be your theme tune, you may need to develop more patience for engaging in prolonged foreplay and building up the anticipation before rushing into sex. As a result of your great enthusiasm for sex you need a partner who is similarly inclined otherwise you’ll end up extremely frustrated.

An eternal optimist you have a knack for cheering up your lover when he or she is down. It is important that any potential mate has a code of conduct that matches yours while managing to be non-judgemental.


Your responses to sexual stimuli are geared towards material end-gaining rather than emotional fulfilment, so beware of making a loveless match. You are highly ambitious and respect others with positions of authority, so can end up with an older lover who has the status and authority that you crave. It is important to you that others see you as responsible and self-reliant. You often achieve your goals because you are so patient and persistent, so make sure that the goals that you set yourself bring you what you really want.

You are very practical about your use of energy and resources. Time and motion studies were made for Mars in Capricorn for nothing gets wasted if you have anything to do with it. This includes the use of others as resources – you will not tolerate slackers. In terms of using your own physical resources/energy, you often warm up to physical activity slowly and you are usually very thorough about what you accomplish once you get started.

You are likely to seek a partner with Capricorn like qualities, such as stability, respect for authority, caution, ambition, and self-discipline. It is important to you that you be treated with respect in your relationships and can even have a paternal attitude toward your lover (no matter which sex you are).

You need a lover who offers you security and who will be satisfied in a relationship that is somewhat measured and regulated – the zodiac’s free spirits need not apply!

Sexually, in spite of having a high sex-drive you tend to be faithful to your lover. You will be happier if you develop one relationship that can become long lasting and secure. It will be infinitely more satisfying if you and your partner share a common goal or dream.


Your responses to sexual are unconventional, rebellious and independent. With Mars in Aquarius, you are eclectic, have a highly developed intellect and are good at “thinking on your feet”, which makes you invaluable during emergencies. Crisis management is your forte. You are very independent and insist that your loved ones accept you as you are and give you the freedom you require.

In your career you are a not the ideal company man or woman, you find too much about corporate life mundane. You are, however, a hard worker and have a knack for coming up with ingenious ideas to improve efficiency and effectiveness. You are also great at coming up with creative, even revolutionary ideas. Your colleagues, friends and loved ones respect your loyalty and would gladly place ‘their life in your hands’.

You are somewhat unconventional in love (and proud of it) and often fly in the face of tradition. It is not easy for you to establish lasting intimate relationships, you tend to go for quantity rather than quality, and yet, as a fixed sign, you crave them and the stability that they provide. Thus, once you have made a commitment you are very loyal and devoted. It is important for you to be able to respect your lover and consider him or her one of your best friends. Your love partners are likely to be “different” from society’s norm, which is great because you are too. It is essential for you to have a direct and honest partner who is prepared to trust enough to let you have your freedom. You are more than happy to allow your mate their freedom in return.

Mars in PISCES

Your responses to sexual stimuli are sensitive, highly romantic and over-impressionable. You are highly intuitive and, if you are prepared to trust in and develop your abilities, will learn to trust your feelings more as you mature. Like watery fellows mars in Cancer and Mars in Scorpio, you appear quiet and reserved on the outside, while seething with hidden emotions, like the eddies and currents in what may appear to be the stillest lake. One traditional danger with this Mars placement is problems with drugs and/or alcohol due to a need to escape reality. In spite of a tendency to become overwhelmed emotionally you are blessed with a warm sense of humour. You may be musical too. You use your dreaminess to be creative, although to others you may seem lazy especially if they don’t understand the creative process.

You may appear to be somewhat ethereal and fragile physically, so take good care of yourself. To help others, a natural tendency for you, you need to be mentally and physically fit – compassion can be draining! It isn’t all about self-sacrifice though, you find it very satisfying to deny your own ego in order to gratify the one you love. In this way you learn the secret of strength through self-sacrifice. Just make sure that you aren’t taken advantage of. Put that intuition and gut feel to good use. A tender and sensitive lover, your innate intuition and psychic abilities lead you to seek a higher meaning to sex–some spiritual connection beyond the mere physical act. That’s fine; just remember not to lose your sense of self in the arms of another. Remember to remain strong within yourself and resist the temptation to become dependent on your partner.

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