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Virgo Long Distance Relationship

Virgo Long Distance Relationship

Long distance love holds no fears for Virgo in fact they’re ideally suited to it. They’ll come up with a route map for how the relationship should unfold. Calls will be timetabled and visits scheduled and so long as these are adhered to the Virgin is unlikely to fret about flying solo for a while. They’ll trust you to be faithful because the likelihood is that they will be.

The Virgo will, of course, be continually evaluating whether the relationship is worth pursuing but they do that anyway so there’s no real difference between living together or living apart as far as the Virgoan tendency to analyse is concerned.

There are, of course, plenty of important difference between living together and living apart which the Virgo will be keenly aware of.  So, should the Virgo decide that that long distance love will become long term love you can rest assured that they will be meticulously planning re-locating so that you can be together.

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