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Does Virgo live in the past, present or future?

Does Virgo live in the past, present or future?

Virgo is not known for living in the past but are they always striving for future perfect? Not really, no – they are striving for present perfect. For Virgo the leitmotif is kaizen – continuous improvement. What Virgo is aiming to improve is the present including their present performance and the present is where Virgo focuses most of their attention.

Virgos are legendary for their powers of analysis but what they analyse for the most part is the immediate present. ‘What needs to be done NOW?’ thinks Virgo. When Virgo reaches out to help somebody they are focussed on what immediate help they can provide. What can they do to help NOW. When they are with a partner they are analysing a partner’s present reactions and working out what that means and where the partner fits into Virgo’s life. Is the partner what Virgo is looking for? There is an element of forward focus in this as Virgo will also be working out whether the partner or potential partner is appropriate for the Virgo long term. If the partner isn’t Virgo can let go pretty easily and this is helped by the Virgoan tendency to focus on the present and to a lesser degree the future. They do not dwell on past memories of happy times together when about to ditch a former long-term partner. Having made the decision Virgo will do what needs to be done in order to disengage with minimal emotional fall out and focus on other present events that do not cause the Virgo’s attention to be pulled backwards in time.

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