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Virgo Detox – How Virgo Deals With Toxic People & Situations

How Do The Different Star Signs Deal With Toxic People & Situations?

Toxic situations and people are the last thing that any of us would wish for. We all know that it is extremely unhealthy to keep such people and situations in our lives yet many of us do for far too long. How each of us handles these trying times speaks volumes and much of our response correlates with the sun signs that we are born under. While some signs are able to gently swat toxic people away, others tend to cling to them in spite of the repercussions. Take a look and see where you may fall and how you can better deal with unhealthy occurrences.

How The Earth Signs Deal With Toxic People & Situations

Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo are the Earth signs and they live in a world of practicality, wisdom and hard work. These are the signs that are most difficult to take advantage of because they don’t let their emotions rule and instead rely on logic to pave the way forward. Being detail oriented, they will quickly notice when something isn’t right and will be proactive about resolving it.

How Virgo Deals With Toxic People & Situations

Virgo is often thought of as being highly critical and in many instances they are. This would lead some to believe that it is the Virgo who would be toxic and difficult, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Virgos go out of their way to serve others and thrive in roles where they can save the day.

These are the fact finders of the Zodiac and thus when faced with situations where someone or something may be toxic, they will first investigate the entire scenario in order to assess who and what is at fault. They are also very sharp in their observations and since they are ruled by Mercury, are able to swiftly move from one detail and fact to another while using all their mental capabilities to get to the heart of a situation in an uncompromising and unflinching way.

This sign must analyze everything and they have a passion for knowledge and truth. What is the truth of the matter? wonders Virgo. Their egos can run high at times, but this will never keep them from taking responsibility when they need to. They will do their best to rectify things that go wrong, but in the end they will have no hang-ups about letting a toxic person or situation go. Because they are extremely selective about what and who  they allow into their lives, it is likely that if someone toxic has found their way in, that person was very meticulous and devious about it because the Virgo is usually very smart. Things and people that get close to them have already been interrogated thoroughly by this sign.

Virgos will always give their heart and soul to whatever they commit to, but being an Earth sign, they are practical and grounded and ultimately what they are most interested in is what is best for them at the end of the day. They will not keep toxicity around for long. They are loyal servers of others to a degree, but much too analytical and intelligent not to see the obvious and will remove toxicity from their lives whenever it is necessary.

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