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Venus in TAURUS

Venus in TAURUS

Your nurturing skills come to the fore when it comes to making love grow. You crave security and stability in your love life and are prepared to work hard to achieve this. You don’t give up either! Unlike Venus in Aries those so-called boring moments in a relationship are what you live for. You adore quiet evenings in with a loved because they give you the sense of security that you need. You are also expert at doing all those practical, sometimes called unromantic, little things that keep love alive, such as managing the family finances, and doing it extremely well. Taurus has a natural affinity for money. While you are practical and earthy when it comes to love rather than mushy you can be extremely romantic and sentimental. In short, you have plenty of advantages when it comes to forming lasting relationships. The one thing that you do need to guard against is a stubborn insistence on having your mate do everything your way, and refusing to compromise when he or suggests an alternative.

Venus in TAURUS man is attracted to a woman who:

Is tolerant and accepts people for who they are

Has physical, moral and emotional courage

Is introverted and on the shy side

Dislikes fakes – people or material things.

Is completely loyal to these whom she likes

Is incredibly sensual

Is pragmatic and has plenty of practical, common sense

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