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Venus in ARIES

Venus in ARIES

Venus in Aries wants high-octane excitement in romance, which can be a problem if both partners stagnate into a safe, comfy routine. This Venus sign needs to mature sufficiently to develop the strategies required to retain a sense of excitement about the same person. If this is you, think about the person you love as someone whom you can spend a whole lifetime getting to know and understand; there is always something to discover about someone else. Venus in Aries also grows in love when the two of you share things and do things together, whether its designing a website, going for a long, fast drive or just sharing the washing up.

Venus in ARIES man is attracted to a woman who is:

Is optimistic

Is full of enthusiasm

Will dress according to what she wishes to accomplish that day

Is direct and speaks her mind.

Is slim, strong and fit

Radiates energy

Has strong, thick, lustrous locks

Is open and honest

Has a very successful career or, if not, has plenty of interests outside the home

He is unlikely to be attracted to shy, diffident, needy and/or clingy women.

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