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Valentine’s Day Gifts And Flowers For Libra

Valentine’s Day Gifts And Flowers For Libra

Libra loves gifts and not just on Valentine’s Day. The gifts need to be beautifully wrapped and elegantly presented as Libra takes a great deal of pleasure in unwrapping their gifts. For Libra there is almost as much pleasure to be had from the way the gift is presented as from the gift itself.

One way to please your Libra is to present them with several gifts rather than one big one, so that the Libran can take their time over anticipating and unwrapping their presents. But what might Libra like to find under all that elegant packaging?

As Libra takes care of their appearance grooming and beautifying products would go down well especially if they look to be expensively packaged and upmarket. Libra would also appreciate a trip to a spa, meal out at an elegant restaurant or tickets to a musical performance. Make sure that you double up on these as Libra likes company.

Libra would also be happy with clothing, jewelry or accessories but make sure that you know the Libran’s taste before buying. Presents that can be displayed in the Libran home including objets d’art would be appreciated. As would vases in which to display the flowers Libra loves. When choosing vases etc. keep in mind the voluptuous, sensual rounded figure of Venus (Libra’s ruler) to remind you that Libra prefers objects with a smooth, rounded and sensual appearance to those with a stark, sharp edged appearance. Don’t forget to buy beautiful flowers for the Libran to put in their vase. Alternatively an orchid in an elegant container would also work well.

Libra adores fine food so gifts of food and wine should be a hit. Most Librans love upmarket chocolates and candies so a present of these will also be appreciated as will CDs of DVDs of Libra’s favourite music. Libra will also enjoy DVDs of movies or TV series that are legal dramas.

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