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Valentine’s Day Gifts And Flowers For Leo

Valentine’s Day Gifts And Flowers For Leo

This monarch loves tributes. They also love gifts. They love great, big, showy, ostentatious bling gifts especially when it comes to jewelry or designer clothes. Think celebrity clothes, think showbiz clothes (A-list celebrity of course!) and you’ll get the idea. Think body-con clothes in vibrant, firey colours (gold, reds, oranges) so that this stellar cat can show off their fabulous physique. This regal sign wants to be show-cased in all their glory.

If your budget doesn’t run to Versace or the connection between you doesn’t merit it then a dramatic scarf will do fine. You could also look at some pampering products, especially anything to do with hair, or a day at an upmarket spa.

As Leo is theatrical and dramatic you might look at buying them a place on acting course, VIP tickets to see their favourite band, as Leo would love being photographed with the stars of the show, or tickets to film premier, so Leo gets to see the film before the rest of us (and can then post photographs of various celebrities online). Failing that balcony (or even better box) seats at a musical or theatrical production would go down well especially if followed by dinner at an upmarket and exclusive restaurant.

Fine food and fine wines would be much appreciated as would a collectable item that the Leo has been chasing down for years! Just remember whatever gift you are presenting, do it with style and a sense of occasion!

When it comes to flowers go for showy blooms. Roses, lilies, sunflowers and chrysanthemums should all make an impact.

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