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Valentine’s Day Gifts And Flowers For Capricorn

Valentine’s Day Gifts And Flowers For Capricorn

Earth sign Capricorn tends to appreciate practical gifts and will be overjoyed if the practical gift has an element of luxury about it. Cashmere scarves, sweaters and socks were made for Sea Goats. They love snuggling up in comfy slippers and blankets or throws as well but be sure to go for natural materials in muted colours rather than garish synthetics. All the earth signs prefer natural fibres to synthetics. Capricorn will also appreciate a handmade romantic gift especially a wooden one.

Jewelry is also appreciated but the gold, platinum and/or gem stones must be real or the Sea Goat will feel short changed. As Capricorn is life-long learner who is on a continuous quest to better themselves and their existence self-help books or courses would be appreciated as would anything that enables them to develop a useful talent. Courses or books that help Capricorn increase their wealth and status would be well received. Capricorn will also appreciate trips to stately homes or books and DVDs that cover history.

Pampering your Capricorn would also go down well though for Capricorn pampering is not quite the same as for others. The type of pampering I’m suggesting is hiring a handyman for a day to do all those jobs that the Capricorn has yet to get round to but that niggle them all the same. Hiring a chef or cleaner for a day or week would also make a super gift. Notice I don’t use the word surprise as none of the Earth signs are big on being surprised. Therefore allow your Capricorn to do the booking of the cleaner, chef or handyman so that they can have the added pleasure of drawing up a list of things for their unexpected helper to do!

When it comes to flowers carnations, jasmine or ivy plants and herbs like heartsease.

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