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Valentine’s Day Gifts And Flowers For Cancer

Valentine’s Day Gifts And Flowers For Cancer

There are plenty of ideas to choose from where Cancer is concerned as they love their home, family and all things historical. They also like cards especially homemade ones so make sure that your Valentine’s gift is presented with a card that you have either made yourself or that has some personal resonance for the Cancerian.

In terms of gifts Cancerians love cooking so cookware, fine food or cooking ingredients would be appreciated. A Cancerian might also appreciate cookery books, DVDs or a place on a cookery course. They might also appreciate membership of a dining club. They might enjoy fine wines, a membership of a wine club, a wine tasting holiday or course. Beautiful china or glassware would also work well especially if it is antique as Cancer loves antiques. Choosing an antique or other gift that fits in with their décor would also give them pleasure. Cooking a meal for your Cancerian would also go down wel especially if you recreate a meal that you had on a romantic date and/or special occassion.

You could combine Cancer’s love of family with their love of history by presenting them with their family tree unless they’re enough of a genealogy buff to have done it already. If your relationship has reached the serious stage you could present them with your family as well.  Another possibility is a portrait or framed photo of a much loved family member. Perhaps you could arrange for several family members including the Cancerian to be photographed together. Or you could make a video or scrapbook of a family get together and present it to your Cancerian.

As Cancer is ruled by the Moon a gift of silverware or silver jewelry would be appropriate or maybe a subtle, shimmery, floaty silver scarf. If you have any artistic talent perhaps you could make the jewelry yourself as homemade gifts are sure fire way to the Cancerian’s heart.

As Cancer is always looking after others a really thoughtful gift might be a trip to a spa followed by a delicious meal at a homely restaurant where the Cancerian could enjoy being waited on for a change!

When it comes to flowers anything white is sure to impress, which gives you plenty of options.

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