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Valentine’s Day Gifts And Flowers For Aries

Valentine’s Day Gifts And Flowers For Aries

Aries loves presents and romance. They are one of, if not the most, romantic sign in the Zodiac and they expect their partner to be just as romantic.  This means that when it comes to Valentine’s gifts they have to be proper presents not boring presents associated with household chores, DIY or car maintenance. That as far as Aries is concerned is unromantic in the extreme! Avoid anything mundane, practical or that reminds Aries that life as a grown-up has its dull moments. Aries likes romance to be eternally young and fresh, so anything that suggests companionable (dare one say it, middle-aged love) is a big no no. A present is meant to be just that a present, right!

The Ram wants big, bright, sexy and exciting presents. He is she is not too bothered about the wrapping paper but is more concerned with what is inside. Is it fun? Is it cutting edge? Is it something that nobody else has got? Does it scream early adopter? Is it sporty? Can s/he wear it? Brand Ram will be keenly aware of how much a present costs so don’t go for cheap goods unless they are from a company that is about to make it big.

So what gifts might fit the bill? Aries rules the head including the brain so gifts that give the Aries a mental workout would be appreciated as might aftershave, make up or grooming products. Stylish hats or sunglasses might also fit the bill. What about jewellery, cufflinks and watches? Aim for statement pieces as Aries likes to be noticed. If you can get a sample piece that no one else has got so much the better as Aries likes to be unique. Where lady Aries is concerned the usual Valentine’s gift of chocolates is not going to go down well unless the chocolate has a diamond ring inside. You might just get away with champagne and a dozen red roses though. Other popular flower choices would be fabulous red tulips or an impressive red amaryllis.

Other presents that are likely to appeal are anything high tech, Aries loves cutting edge IT and electronic gadgets, trips to see his or her favourite team playing, attending an action movie premier, a course in something that Aries has always wanted to learn or an activity day. Imagine the fun Aries would have learning to pilot a plane for a day (or more) or having a day driving a throbbing, thrusting bright red Ferrari.  The Ram would be in ecstasy!

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