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Use It Or Lose It: A Guide To Understanding How To Become The Best Possible Person You Can Be

Use It Or Lose It:  A Guide To Understanding How To Become The Best Possible Person You Can Be

When it comes to the brain, there is still a lot that scientists and doctors just don’t understand.   From the delicate interplay between neurons and sections of the brain, to the culmination of freethinking and consciousness, much still remains a mystery.

One popular topic for debate, which has yet to fully be explored, is how we retain memory and abilities.  That is to say, how do we as people remember things that we have already learned, and what determines how quickly these skills come to us?  There are a number of theories on the subject, each with their own take.  One theory that borrows from an understanding of the chemistry of the brain is the “use it or lose it” theory.  Lets take a closer look and examine how this interpretation of the brain views things like physical fitness, muscle memory, and talents.

What Exactly is “Use It Or Lose It?”

The “use it or lose it” philosophy is a theory centered on how we obtain, retain, and then use information.  In particular it emphasizes the importance of using what we have.  At the heart of “use it or lose it” is practice.  Things that we practice in our day-to-day lives have a significantly higher chance of being remembered.  In addition, these things will be recalled quicker.  A talent we develop is most likely something we have spent a great deal of time on, hence its position as something we may lose.

Methodology and Reasoning

as stated previously, the theory of “use it or lose it” is a combination of how brain chemistry operates and it is borrowed from examples found in human experience.  Those people who constantly practiced their skills were found to be better able to perform them.  This included not only intellectual tasks centering on he pre-frontal cortex but also those motor skills centered in the cerebellum.  As a result, muscle memory and talents we gain will fade over time unless practice is maintained.

Scientific Explanation

Our brains are a series of neural links.  What governs our memory and thoughts are links between neurons, and electrical impulses sent between these links.  Somehow, these form memories, consciousness, and an understanding of ourselves.  By constantly practicing and using what we know, we keep sending electrical impulses through these neurons.  As a result, they are maintained, while unnecessary neurons and neural links slowly fade.

The theory of “Use it or lose it” requires the assumption that the brain, like other parts of our body and the greater natural world discard things that are not being used.  Hence, everything that we know and do not practice, recite, or use, will slowly be lost.  And, since these things form the basis of muscle memory and talents, it is best to keep practicing!

For those of you wondering where astrology comes into this, the next series of posts covers the topic of what each Zodiac sign needs to use rather than lose.

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