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Use It Or Lose It – What Abilities Does Scorpio Need To Use?

Use It Or Lose It – What Abilities Does Scorpio Need To Use?

scorpio at their best

Use It – What Abilities Does Scorpio Need To Use?


Is unshockable

Understands the failings and foibles of others

Has intense concentration and focus

Is penetrating and probing

Is investigative and determined to find out what is happening and why.

Is dynamic

Is emotional

Is tenacious

Is sensual

Is magnetic

Is passionately caring

Is protective

Is concerned

Can be self-critical and is always looking for ways to perfect themselves.

Scorpio will be motivated to use those skills that will improve their finances as Scorpio likes money and likes the power it can bring even more. Wise Scorpio knows that money opens those doors that Scorpio would like to go through. Scorpio would like to know exactly what lies behind those doors.

Scorpio usually chooses their goals with care and ensures that they pursue those goals that they have a 100% chance of hitting. So far, so sensible but might Scorpio have more fun aiming even higher and running the risk of failure occasionally? After all failure is unlikely to floor the Zodiac’s phoenix for too long! Scorpio also needs to check that the goals that they are chasing down are still suitable in order to avoid that sinking feeling you get when you find that you longer want what you’ve got.

Scorpio might find that it behoves them to take steps combat jealousy, possessiveness/need to control and become more even tempered if they are finding that jealousy, possessiveness and rage are ruining your relationships. The same goes for vengefulness.

Some Scorpios spend so much time supressing those personality traits that they feel are “bad” that they have little energy left over for anything else including using those talents that will enable them to lead a more fulfilled life. For those Scorpios a reasonable way forward might be to accept that everybody feels jealous, angry or like getting revenge from time to time. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. By accepting and recognising that we have these emotions they become easier to handle (and combat if necessary). By accepting that you are a perfectly likeable and decent human being you are less likely to punish yourself by self-sabotaging.

If we choose not to use our innate Sun sign strengths then it is not just a matter of losing them – we are likely to find ourselves expressing the more negative traits associated with our Sun sign nature, which for Scorpio are:








Jealous and possessive




Hurtful and insulting





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