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Use It Or Lose It – What Abilities Does Pisces Need To Use?

Use It Or Lose It – What Abilities Does Pisces Need To Use?

pisces at their best

Use It – What Abilities Does Pisces Need To Use?


Is shy, bashful and diffident

Is helpful and caring

Is romantic

Is loving

Is trusting

Is hospitable

Is creative

Is mystical

Is gentle and kind

Is compassionate

Is non-judgmental and understanding of others

Is tolerant

Is intuitive and/or psychic

A Piscean without a creative outlet is like a fish out of water so if your creativity is stifled at work find ways to unleash it in other areas of your life. If you are blocked from expressing your creativity at work and/or home you might need to look at other ways of expressing your creative nature. You might for example opt to learn to dance, attend a New Age retreat, learn about aromatherapy, take up photography or anything else that allows your creative and spiritual nature to express itself.

While your compassionate and caring nature needs to be expressed you can find yourself being taken advantage of. In order to minimise the risk of this happening you might need to become comfortable with setting boundaries so that you tell people what you will and will not tolerate and when you need time to recharge your batteries. By doing this you will be in a better position to be caring and compassionate, which pleases you, without the downside of feeling that you’ve been used.

If those intuitive skills of yours aren’t used and honed you, Pisces, can be rather gullible so develop your intuition and ability to read people in order to avoid being taken advantage of. Your ability to read people is impressive so instead of blithely ignoring those warning bells you get tune into them and take time out before reaching a decision.

Pisces, in common with fellow Water signs, Cancer and Scorpio, is an excellent mimic and is able to empathise with others so much that they almost merge with them. In terms of modelling and acquiring characteristics that you admire in others, Pisces, this gives you a superb advantage – use it!

A tendency to feel negative or self-pitying can sometimes derail you so be sure to hang around positive, happy folk and pick up their positive, happy vibes by osmosis!

If we choose not to use our innate Sun sign strengths then it is not just a matter of losing them – we are likely to find ourselves expressing the more negative traits associated with our Sun sign nature, which for Pisces are:








Can lose touch with reality

Can become too emotionally involved with the problems of others

Tends to blame self for everything

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