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Use It Or Lose It – What Abilities Does Libra Need To Use?

Use It Or Lose It – What Abilities Does Libra Need To Use?

Use It – What Abilities Does Libra Need To Use?

libra at their best


Is co-operative

Is an excellent negotiator (or mediator)

Has a sense of fair play

Is charming and is a great companion

Is artistic

Is refined

Is diplomatic

Has strong beliefs and clear vision once arrived at.

Is sincere

Is loving

Is romantic

Is communicative

Has leadership qualities

Takes reasoned action

As Libra is a Cardinal sign (i.e. one that likes to be in charge and in control) Libra really does need to get comfortable with conflict and standing their ground in order to achieve all that they are capable of. If you can get comfortable with and accept conflict as a part of life then life will get more harmonious. You will also be able to take charge of your life (something that all Cardinal signs were born to do) and create the life you want to. Once you feel in control of your life (or those elements of it you can control) you feel at peace with yourself. In other words life feels more harmonious and balanced as you’re not continually dancing to someone else’s tune. A great way to exert some control over your life is to establish boundaries in terms of telling people exactly what you will and will not tolerate. It may lose you a few friends but do you really want people who disrespect you as friends anyway?

Libra needs to ensure that their life is as balanced and harmonious as possible if they are to be in the best position to make use of their innate talents.

If we choose not to use our innate Sun sign strengths then it is not just a matter of losing them – we are likely to find ourselves expressing the more negative traits associated with our Sun sign nature, which for Libra are:

Paralysis of analysis

Fear of making the wrong decision

Tendency to vacillate

Leading people on

Appearing indolent

Mood swings


Petulance, when asked to carry out orders.

Not always able to be objective about yourself or your situation.

Going overboard to ensure that everyone else is happy, while ignoring your own needs and happiness

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