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Use It Or Lose It – What Abilities Does Capricorn Need To Use?

Use It Or Lose It – What Abilities Does Capricorn Need To Use?

capricorn at their best

Use It – What Abilities Does Capricorn Need To Use?


Has great organising and time management skills

Is industrious

Is fair and scrupulous.

Is totally honest

Is cautious and realistic

Takes calculated risks

Is fearless.

Is an admiring spectator

Is concerned

Is conventional

Gives sound advice

Respects authority and tradition

Has high yet realistic standards

Once Capricorns commit to a course action they tend to see it through, moving steadily forward until the goal is achieved. Like fellow Earth sign Capricorn is into perfecting themselves, so Capricorn is more likely to use their talents than lose them. Unless that is the Capricorn does not value those talents that they have.

Capricorn will be determined to develop and strengthen those talents that they feel will pay off in terms of social or career advancement. Any skills that are likely to improve finances and status will be honed to perfection.

If we choose not to use our innate Sun sign strengths then it is not just a matter of losing them – we are likely to find ourselves expressing the more negative traits associated with our Sun sign nature, which for Capricorn are:


Allowing inner fears to dominate decisions

Tendency to believe your way is the only way of doing things


A slave driver

Over critical, negative, perfectionist


Status seeking.

Not always able to be objective about yourself or your situation

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