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Uranus Sign

Uranus Sign

uranus sign

Uranus is the planet associated with revolution and the overthrow of the established order. It calls for change, innovation and transformation. ‘All change is good!’ shouts Uranus spreading chaos in its wake. It breaks down the past to make way for the new. Its placement in our birth chart shows where we must break free of restriction and our challenge is to do this in a manner that works for us. We need to retain those elements of the past that work for us while transforming those that don’t.

Uranus in Aries – Aries Uranus Sign

The person with this placement is likely to be independent, original, unpredictable and rather disruptive – a real ‘loose cannon’. They will have a high degree of authenticity and integrity. If they feel change needs to be made they will do their best to force it through regardless of cost to themselves and others.

Uranus in Taurus – Taurus Uranus Sign

This can be a very tricky placement to handle. There will be a conflict between the Uranium compulsion for innovation and change versus the Taurean determination to keep things just as they are. Which drive will win is anyone’s guess! This person has the potential to be very inventive in a practical way.

Uranus in Gemini – Gemini Uranus Sign

The person with this placement is likely to be quite unpredictable in terms of verbal communication. They score highly on intuition and may even appear to be psychic. They are highly inventive with original but very logical ideas and thoughts. They do not always act on their brilliant ideas though.

Uranus in Cancer – Cancer Uranus Sign

One of the few placements that goes against the Cancerian’s natural tendency to retain close family ties. They are usually self-contained and emotionally independent. The Cancer person with this placement is very unlikely to want to care for others and will ensure that they avoid doing so. Uranus in Cancer people can be emotionally unstable or erratic.

Uranus in Leo – Leo Uranus Sign

The person with this placement can be a charismatic leader or someone whole alienates everyone with their supreme arrogance. Uranus in Leo people usually come up with plenty of original and creative ideas.

Uranus in Virgo – Virgo Uranus Sign

This person is usually heavily into alternative therapies, healing and health fads. They also want to shake up and modernize outmoded ways of doing things.

Uranus in Libra – Libra Uranus Sign

The person with Uranus in Libra often takes a highly unconventional approach to all their relationships. They may also have a burning desire to revolutionize society by changing its values.

Uranus in Scorpio – Scorpio Uranus Sign

Uranus in Scorpio people tend to be fascinated by the interplay between life and death. Their desire to understand life and death often leads to an interest in metaphysics and mysticism. This person can be cruel and emotionally unpredictable leading others to be very wary of them.

Uranus in Sagittarius – Sagittarius Uranus Sign

This placement often leads to a person taking a free-wheeling approach to life. Uranus in Sagittarius people demand freedom and do not like to be tied down. They are one of the Zodiac’s revolutionaries and also possess a strong urge to expose and root out hypocrisy when they see it (but not their own obviously!).

Uranus in Capricorn – Capricorn Uranus Sign

Often leads to a nervous, excitable individual with a burning desire to transform/revolutionize government and society. At their best this person can come up with the brilliant political and business ideas needed to transform society. At their worst Uranus in Capricorn people can be over-sensitive, highly strung eccentrics.

Uranus in Aquarius – Aquarius Uranus Sign

Uranus in Aquarius is associated with a strong urge to revolutionize humanity including the desire to ensure that people have equal rights. Will come up with very ingenious tactics to ensure that what they feel is ‘right’ is brought about by whatever means necessary.

Uranus in Pisces – Pisces Uranus Sign

Uranus in Pisces people often have powerful intuition that is buffeted by strong, verging on uncontrollable emotions. At their best Uranus in Pisces people are blessed with the kind of visionary insights required to revolutionize humanity’s understanding of the nature of reality.

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