The Toxic Zodiac

The Toxic Zodiac

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We all have a dark side which we go out of our way to keep hidden. We usually keep the monster within well-hidden when we are trying to impress friends, lovers, colleagues and anybody else with whom we wish to get along. For most of us the monster within only makes brief appearances. For others the monster chooses not to hide at all – these people are fully paid up members of the Toxic Zodiac. So, who are they? And where do you fit when you’re at your worst?

It’s time to meet the Toxic Twelve:

Aggressive Aries: Aggressive, selectively deaf and intolerant you’d fight with yourself if you could and in the absence of a suitable victim you will. Not only are you a bossy control freak, you’re jealous too just like fellow Mars ruled sign Scorpio.

Toxic Taurus: Self-indulgent, materialistic bore. Slow to move, taciturn and easily embarrassed, you tend to take forever to make a decision – a characteristic you share with fellow Venus ruled sign Libra. Unlike Libra you are extremely stubborn. You are also possessive (of people and objects), brooding and hate change with a passion.

Gossipy Gemini:  A vicious gossip, your star sign is synonymous with cheating. Your inability to remain faithful is the stuff of legends. You are incapable of commitment due to the fact that you have the attention span of a gnat and cannot make your mind up as to what sort of a person you really are.

Crabby Cancer:  At your worst you are a clingy, moody one person whingefest. Over-sensitive and overbearing you just won’t give your partner room to breathe will you? Unlike Gemini you have nerves of steel but you are just as manipulative. You are often totally self-absorbed which makes you almost as capable of being selfish as Me Me Me Aries and Look At Me Leo.

Lordly Leo: Wow the ego has landed! Stubborn, wilful and foul tempered you can be as much of a brat as an Aries when they are at their worst. You are just as self-centred too. Boastful beyond belief, your contempt for your fellow man (or woman) is breath-taking at times.

Vicious Virgo: The zodiac’s nit-picking, hypochondriac, you tend to be undemonstrative when it comes to giving praise and affection but you are very demanding when it comes to getting what you want from others. Nervous, worried, cranky and irritable, you give Cancer plenty of competition when it comes to being the most crabby member of the zodiac. Unlike Cancer you can be rather prudish.

Low Libra:  Along with Leo you are the vainest of the Zodiac signs. Like Leo you think the world revolves around you and you get very sulky indeed if people don’t recognise that fact and act accordingly. In keeping with your high opinion of yourself, you are a world class flirt. You are also as nit-picking as any Virgo and as much of a gold digger as Capricorn at their worst. You are also mercenary and a shameless social climber.

Scathing Scorpio:  Vengeful, vindictive and ruthless, everyone hides when you come round the corner. Little do they know that you’ve been listening to every word, working out how to use the information that you’ve gleaned to your best advantage. A sadistic soul, you show no mercy to anyone who crosses you.

Snarky Sagittarius: Hot-headed and argumentative, you are notorious for failing to look before you leap. Planning ahead is not your strong point and nor is committing to a course of action. You are too impatient to be moving to plan adequately, which means that you have a reputation for being a bit of a klutz. But that’s just you isn’t it? It’s not your fault if people are too stupid to recognise your talents. In fact you are more than happy to let others know just how stupid they are. Company politics is not your forte.

Cruel Capricorn: You are as critical and perfectionist as Virgo and even more status seeking. The zodiac’s social climber – it is obvious why your astrological symbol is a goat. You’d think that an ambitious sign like yours would believe that we make our own destiny but many of you have a tendency to be rather fatalistic and fearful. At your worst you allow your inner fears to dominate your decision-making, so do not rise as far as you would like to.

Arrogant Aquarius: One of the zodiac’s voyeurs, like Scorpio, you have the Scorpionic approach to privacy as well. It’s ok for you to know everyone else’s business but they’d better not try to find out anything about you, had they? They’d better not ask you to share your ideas either had they? Sharing ideas is not what you do is it? Your ideas are unique and you’ll only share them if doing so adds to your status as eccentric genius.

Intellectually arrogant and judgmental you are as supercilious and snarky as any Sagittarian at their worst. It’s second nature to you to point how inadequate everyone else’s efforts are and how unoriginal their thinking is. You’ll happily tell anyone who’ll listen how useless your hapless victims are.

Pity Party Pisces: And now for the final sign in our rogue’s gallery – pity party Pisces. Oh dear you are a wet blanket, aren’t you? Misery loves company and you are more than happy to invite misery in for a nice bottle of wine. In fact you love misery so much that you take on other people’s as well. People think that you’re gullible but you aren’t really, you just need an excuse to beat yourself up. Then you can luxuriate in an orgy of self-pity and self-recrimination.

The Toxic Zodiac walks you through the twelve Zodiac signs and explores Moon signs (emotions), Mars signs (levels of aggression and likely triggers, self-centredness), Mercury signs (communication style and how the person processes information) and Venus sign (behaviour in romance including jealousy, controlling behaviour and jealousy). By studying this you get to know your enemy and know yourself.

The twelve Zodiac signs are mapped onto Nine Toxic Types (Necrotic Narcissist, Black Cloud, Flagrant Fault Finder, Chronic Catastrophizer, Dream Destroyer, Volatile Volcano, Volatile Volcano and Meta-Toxic) plus the ten types of people most likely to become victims of Toxics.

The Toxic Zodiac also covers how easy the twelve Zodiac signs find it to get rid of a toxic person along with their likelihood of becoming victims of toxic behaviour or exhibiting it.

To find out more and get your free 10% sample click on the link.

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