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The Virgo Parent

The Virgo Parent

The Virgo parent takes their responsibilities seriously and makes it their duty to instil those Virgo values of hard work, responsibility, duty, taking care of possessions and taking care of your health.

If you are a Virgo parent your perfectionist tendencies are likely to extend to your offspring and you do really mean it when you say that you want you want them to be the best that they can be. Although you can be guilty of nit-picking when it comes to your children’s behaviour and accomplishments this is a gesture of love as far as you are concerned. It genuinely is one of the ways in which you show how much you love your children. You may, however, need to remind yourself that your children are doing their best even if their best falls below your exacting standards. So don’t forget to use praise as a motivational tool in addition to the constructive criticism you usually pride yourself on giving. Each has its place when it comes to raising a happy, healthy well-adjusted child, which is your ultimate goal, isn’t it?

The typical Virgo parent doesn’t just issue commands or dole out punishments out of the blue; they will always explain the reasons behind their actions. They will also encourage children to ask questions and the Virgo parent will explain the requests that he or she makes.

The Virgo parent is very generous with their time and will help their children as much as possible. Their forte is helping with detailed work and also giving practical help and advice. They support practical activities during free time and can adapt to almost any practical demand. They are less adept at responding to emotional demands but they will certainly make a valiant effort.

He or she gets upset by dirt and untidiness and may find it hard to express affection. One way in which Virgo expresses affection is by keeping their children neat, clean, tidy and as far as possible healthy. Virgo also ensures that their child has a structured routine, which is important. The Virgo parent may have to watch for a tendency to be a bit too frugal and a little bit too rigid when it comes to time-tabling activities. Sure, it’s a great idea to ensure that the money is in place for your child’s education but giving the odd spontaneous treat doesn’t hurt either. In fact it will do wonders when it comes to showing that you do love them. Take a leaf out of fellow Earth sign Taurus’ book and give hugs and kisses too. Sometimes a loving cuddle can say more than words, however carefully you choose them, can ever do.

Due to the sense of structure and order that a Virgo parent provides they are like to raise confident, empowered, practical and well-adjusted children. Virgo will also rather enjoy the experience of watching and helping their child develop into the best human being that they can be. This is just as well for the Virgo may find that there parenting skills are not appreciated until their offspring are old enough to see what a great job the Virgo parent did. It is rather a shame that it takes so long for Virgo to be appreciated as a parent for the decision to have a child will have been a carefully considered one, so the child will be very much wanted.

Tips for Virgo Parents

Do not let accusations of selfishness induce you to have more children than you can handle.

Accept that it is important to express physical affection towards children, so put daily hugs on your to do list until this activity becomes second nature to you.

Let your child teach you how to let go, relax and play – you may find your creativity rising as a result.

Try not to expect too much of either you as a parent or your children.


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