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The Toxic Zodiac Part 1 – You Know Who You Are: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo & Virgo

The Toxic Zodiac Part 1  – You Know Who You Are: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo & Virgo

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Imagine if you were on a spaceship and crash landed on a planet where everybody had been infected with a virus that caused them to exhibit the worst character traits associated with their Sun sign. Imagine that you too caught this virus. What would you and they be like?

Read on to find out:

Aggressive Aries

Aggressive, selectively deaf and intolerant you’d fight with yourself if you could and in the absence of a suitable victim you will. Not only are you a bossy control freak, you’re jealous too just like fellow Mars ruled sign Scorpio.

At your worst you are an intolerant, selfish bigot who is completely insensitive to the effect you have on other people. You are also brash and due to the fact you are totally uninterested in others you are an appalling judge of character.

Toxic Taurus

Self-indulgent, materialistic bore. Slow to move, taciturn and easily embarrassed, you tend to take forever to make a decision – a characteristic you share with fellow Venus ruled sign Libra. Unlike Libra you are extremely stubborn.

Gossipy Gemini

A vicious gossip, your star sign is synonymous with cheating. Your inability to remain faithful is the stuff of legends. You are incapable of commitment due to the fact that you have the attention span of a gnat and cannot make your mind up as to what sort of a person you really are.

Totally impractical and evil tempered, you’re not much use to anyone are you? Oh and lest we forget you’re nervy and manipulative too!

Clingy Cancer

At your worst you are a clingy, moody one person whingefest. Over-sensitive and overbearing you just won’t give your partner room to breathe will you? Unlike Gemini you have nerves of steel but you are just as manipulative. You are often totally self-absorbed which makes you almost as capable of being selfish as Me Me Me Aries and Look At Me Leo.

Oh and you never forget an insult, do you?

Loudmouth Leo

Wow the ego has landed! Stubborn, wiful and foul tempered you can be as much of a brat as an Aries when they are at their worst. You are just as self-centered too. Boastful beyond belief, your contempt for your fellow man (or woman) is breath-taking at times.

You are also known for taking credit for others’ efforts in part due to your desperate need to keep up appearances. Your vanity isn’t just restricted to your appearance is it? You have to be seen to be the best at everything. In keeping with this need to be seen to be head and shoulders above everyone else you are quick to cut others down to size.

Oh and did I mention that you can be chilly and indifferent towards other people especially those who’ve hurt you.

Vicious Virgo

The zodiac’s nit-picking, hypochondriac, you tend to be undemonstrative when it comes to giving praise and affection but you are very demanding when it comes to getting what you want from others. Nervous, worried, cranky and irritable, you give Cancer plenty of competition when it comes to being the most crabby member of the zodiac. Unlike Cancer you can be rather prudish.

You rival Taurus, Leo, Aquarius and Capricorn when it comes to being stubborn and dogmatic. And you at your worst are as eccentric as any Aquarian, possibly more so. Not content with competing with you fellow zodiac citizens Taurus, Leo, Cancer, Aquarius and Capricorn, you have to be as untidy as a Sagittarius!

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