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The Scorpio Parent

The Scorpio Parent

The typical Scorpio parent demands high standards of their children and can appear very strict, rigid and unyielding. They are just as hard on themselves and worry that they won’t make good parents or will fail their children in some way but for most Scorpios this is unlikely. Although Scorpio is a loving and devoted parent they are not the easiest parents for a child to have due to their exacting standards and their unnerving ability to know when their child is hiding something and/or being less than truthful.

Due to your brooding intensity you are likely to dominate the house and your family will be profoundly affected by whatever is going on with you emotionally, so for the sake of family harmony it would be better to break the habit of a lifetime and explain how you are feeling and why. Communication is a two way thing so if you want your children to be open with you it helps if you lead by example by being open with them. If, for example, you don’t want them hitchhiking home explain your concerns and fears for them.

Interestingly though however critical a Scorpio might be of their child they will not tolerate anyone else getting in on the act. Nor will they tolerate anyone bullying their child. In fact they will let the person who has, as the Scorpio parent sees it, wronged their child feel the full blast of their Scorpionic wrath. This is a parent who will fight tooth and nail for their child even when the child would prefer to fight their own battles.

You are emotionally close to your children and feel that you can read them like a book but it is still important for you to allow your children to put their feelings and thoughts into words of their own. And remember to reign in that naughty Scorpio tendency to use other people’s secrets as a means of manipulation and control. Many Scorpios do want to control their children until they leave home and in some cases beyond that. But if you want them to return to you of their own free will then it is better to let go of the urge to have complete control over them.

It is also better to resist that Scorpio tendency to do everything for your children otherwise they’ll not develop the skills required to succeed in life. It may seem tempting to keep them at home forever, Scorpio, but you may find yourself resenting the lack of privacy one day! In fact it is important that you ensure that you have some time to yourself to recharge your batteries.

There are a couple of things that the Scorpio parent needs to guard against. The first is a tendency to let mood swings have a negative impact on their children. Many Scorpios can swing from being affectionate and tactile to being cold and forbidding. If you are going through a cold and withdrawn phase make a real effort to connect and give your child a hug. If you can’t go that far at least explain that you’re having ‘one of those days’ and that it will soon pass. Reassure your child that it is not their fault.

One thing that can cause problems for the Scorpio parent is a refusal to change views particularly where parenting is concerned and bridge the generation gap (Scorpio remains uninfluenced by pundits and opinion makers). Finally, there is a tendency for Scorpios to be jealous – make sure that you do not allow this tendency to extend to being jealous of your children, Scorpio.


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