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The Planets In The Signs Part 2 – A Quick Guide (Or Crib Sheet)

The Planets In The Signs Part 2 – A Quick Guide (Or Crib Sheet)

The Sun

The sign, which contains the Sun (Sun Sign) provides the basic key to the personality and life potential. It exposes the individual’s strengths and weaknesses, indicates the lessons to be learnt and skills to be tapped. This is why the AstroCoaching books that I have written (and to a significant degree this blog) focus on your Sun Sign.

Some of my earlier posts focus on the Sun Sign and its relationship to character and, therefore, destiny. This theme will developed further in later posts.

The Moon

The sign containing the Moon (Moon Sign) provides a wealth of information concerning the individual’s emotional state., the female half of the psyche, the mother, attitudes towards the mother, maternal instincts, the home and family background and the general public face the individual presents to the world.


The position of Mercury (Mercury Sign) reveals the different ways in which people’s minds work, their intellectual interests and abilities, and how they communicate.


The position of Venus (Venus Sign) provides clues concerning the individual’s female nature, relationships, marriage and attitudes towards pleasure and the arts.


The position of Mars (Mars Sign) shows the individual’s general energy level, the way practical problems are sorted out, attitudes to men and expression of the male psyche.


Jupiter in each sign (Jupiter Sign) gives clues about the way people try to expend and grow. As everybody born in a given 12 month period will have Jupiter in the same sign this planet’s position is regarded as a background influence contributing to other tendencies in the chart.


Saturn (Saturn Sign) shows the way in which people control themselves and are inhibited by their environment. It spends 2.5 years in each zodiac sign so its generational influence is even more pronounced than Jupiter’s, and its meaning by sign has a far more general psychological meaning in a horoscope than by house and aspect.

Chiron, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto

Psychologically these planets affect the character of generations.

In later blog posts I will talk in more depth about Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter signs. I will also talk about how the planets act upon and modify one another (where astrology is concerned!)


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