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The Planets In The Signs – Part 1

The Planets In The Signs – Part 1

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In every horoscope the planets are distributed among the signs of the zodiac in a pattern, which is unique to the individual. Astrology assumes that each planet represents a basic function and each sign a basic principle. The function represented by the planet then manifests itself according to the principle of the sign in which it is placed.

Planets in Aries act assertively and powerfully

Planets in Taurus become stable and practical

Planets in Gemini become more unsettled and intellectual

Planets in Cancer become more emotional and cautious

Planets in Leo become bolder and more expressive

Planets in Virgo become more practical and analytical

Planets in Libra become more concerned with relationships and appearances

Planets in Scorpio become more perceptive, determined and emotional

Planets in Sagittarius become more unstable and concerned with personal freedom

Planets in Capricorn become more stable and cautious

Planets in Aquarius become more erratic and in need of freedom

Planets in Pisces become more sensitive and emotional

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