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The Libra Parent

The Libra Parent

A typical Libra parent will go out of their way to be just and fair with their children. They will want to bring their children up in peaceful and harmonious surroundings where conflict is avoided or at least kept to a minimum. This means that the Libra parent is usually indulgent with their children will have a marked tendency to spoil them. They are also poor at establishing routines.

Fortunately you do have a strong sense of what you feel is right and this does give you the inner strength to put your foot down when necessary. In spite of having a reputation for being indecisive you are more than capable of demonstrating consistency when it comes to disciplining your children. In fact for such a laid-back person you have a remarkable ability to dominate proceedings and ensure that you get your own way. You’re also surprisingly adept at instilling your values into your children including what you regard as good taste and acceptable behaviour.

As you love to socialise and entertain at home your children will be well versed in the art of social etiquette and will also be keenly aware of what constitutes good and bad taste!

The Libra parent is often called upon to mediate in children’s disputes particularly those between siblings. Although the Libra does not relish getting involved in conflict they usually come up with a solution that works for all the children involved, which is impressive to say the least.

Libra tends to see their children as potential friends and as the children grow up they will find a non-judgemental and excellent listener in their Libra parent. It is likely that the Libra parent will bring their children up to be fair minded and have a keen sense of justice. They will also respect their children as individuals and encourage them to develop their own views and opinions rather than merely doing what everyone else does. As far as Libra is concerned every view held and every action taken should be a considered one.

Libra will show his or her children a great deal of affection and will take a great deal of pride in their child’s appearance and behaviour. Libra will also ensure that his or her child receives the best possible education and will encourage them to read and talk and an early age.


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