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The Friday Flash – Out Of Light Comes Darkness – A Piece Of Flash Fiction

The studio is empty, the highly polished bare mahogany floor dark and stark, white washed walls encourage the purity of the spirit. A single red candle flickers by the window as I relax sitting in the Lotus position on a black silk cushion, centre myself and examine the elegant contours of the purple orchid which is to serve as the focus of my attention and symbolise my journey into the world of the evanescent. The superficial comforts of animal warmth are long behind me now.


Tonight I seek knowledge of the essentials of being. Creation and destruction, light and darkness, the yin and yang dance that powers the universe itself. I embrace and encompass the duality within me taking understanding and power further than ever before.


My tools are the Metta meditation, a Pali word indicating loving kindness and my own personal reinterpretation of this time honoured and hypnotic technique. Metta develops universal love and spirituality, starting with oneself and extending it throughout the whole cosmos in a glittering symphony of white light, peace and the adoration of all sentient beings.


However, I as I look into myself and who and what I am, I realise I am also ruled by Scorpio, the dark god of sex, death, assassination, leather, motorcycles, beginnings and endings. And I plan to realise myself most fully on this adventure.


I begin in the fashion honoured by aeons. Calm, relaxed and comfortable, I abandon all earthly concerns and empty my mind. Smiling as I embrace the emptiness within me that mirrors the void from which all creation emanates, trivial and discursive thoughts are all nonsense now and I concentrate on the subtle patterns of my breathing.


The words loving kindness coalesce in my mind and I consider them, turning them around as one might play with some treasured object of antiquity. As I embrace them, I perceive the meaning behind them, understanding those universal concepts transmuted into verbal symbols, the words merely empty vessels falling away like the scales of a serpent to reveal the truth and birth something new.


Still resonating, the words transform into emotions and I feel the greatest, most indescribable love towards myself. My mind is flooded with the endorphins of pure white light and warmth, my body feels relaxed and my spirit soars on a symphony of the sublime. As I inhale I absorb the world’s negativity with delight and as I exhale I send forth nothing but love and compassion.


Gradually and inexorably I move on to the next stage, my lover, whom I visualise as a radiant goddess arising from the sea like Botticelli’s Venus, someone for whom I feel the greatest adoration, emotions released from the superficial imprisonment of words. My feelings overcome me as I project my love onto her and receive it back in unqualified and equal measure.


Something starts to change, and I notice a silhouette or shadow that she casts on the thrashing waves beneath her feet and the stormy skies above her.


The next stage is someone I know but have no strong feelings towards either way, so I choose the barista at my local coffee shop. I see him in my minds-eye, and send my sincerest feelings towards him. An image forms in my mind of a double espresso, dark as night, sweet as sin, hot as hell, the dark liquid swirling like a chaotic vortex, almost taking on the shadow formed by my lover. I exhale, feeling the warm air leaving my nostrils, sending out thoughts of love and compassion, whilst noting, simultaneously, the reifying of the shadow within me a complimentary thoughts of darkness and destruction.


I take leave of my barista and progress towards someone I hate. There is no shortage of candidates for this phase of the meditation, and I alight upon a tiresome neighbour whose sole purpose in existence seems to be to invade my territory. It is always at this stage that the darkness takes shape, running parallel with the loving kindness. As I send love and peace forward, I also visualise this person and feel the most intense hatred towards them. I begin to balance the polarities within me, the light and the dark, the creative and the destructive.

The rush is intoxicating and I move to the final part of the meditation, sending love and compassion to all sentient beings in the universe itself. At the same time, the darkness unfurls within me in a crescendo of destructive energy, and I watch the universe destroy itself. “I have become Death, the destroyer of worlds”, echoes in my head louder and louder.  The pressure in my head intensifies followed by a big bang and then everything goes blank.  From this hymn to the finality of everything has come the void, nothingness, complete darkness. After what seems like an eternity, a small speck of light appears, shapes begin to form, and the Shiva like dance of creation begins once more.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


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