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The Cancer Parent

The Cancer Parent

It is likely that the Cancerian parent will throw themselves wholeheartedly into every aspect of parenting. From conception and all the stages in between until the children become adults (and beyond that for many Cancerians!) the Cancerian parent will embrace every minute with gusto. For the Cancerian parent this is what life is all about.

The typical Cancerian parent is loving, compassionate and nurturing. Although they may worry too much about their offspring they are very caring and will do their utmost to provide a safe, stable and secure environment in which to raise their offspring. Think of the meaning of the term ‘mother love’ and you’ll get what the Cancerian parent is about.

The Cancerian parent does need to guard against a tendency to do everything for their children because caring and nurturing (mothering for want of a better word) is how they express love. While this is great when the child is very young it can stifle development in later years if the child sits there expecting Mum or Dad to do everything for them. If everything is done for a child they can have difficulty learning to take care of themselves, so express your parenting skills by teaching your child all those shrewd tactics that you’ve learnt for dealing with life!  A tendency to be over-possessive also characterises the Cancerian parent and must be guarded against, so that you can take pleasure in watching your child grow and develop into an independent and well-adjusted adult.

As a parent Cancer will protect and support the children and will do anything to encourage and support their children’s creative development. Cancerian parents love looking after and playing with their offspring and will remember every birthday and anniversary. They can have difficulty letting go but are usually intuitive enough to understand when a child is truly ready to fly the nest. This intuition and empathy often comes in handy when dealing with family arguments too!


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