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The Taurus Sun Sign Suitor

The Taurus Sun Sign Suitor

Unless there are influences in his birth chart that are more powerful than his Taurus Sun sign, the typical Taurus male will have some or all the following characteristics.

The typical Taurus man

Hardly ever changes his opinions

Is financially astute and can evaluate a situation very rapidly in monetary terms

Works hard to provide a secure environment

Is concerned that other people might take advantage of him

Is politically astute and utilizes influential connections to get what he desires

Is quiet

Is unpretentious

Has beautiful manners and plenty of personal charm

Dresses tastefully and conservatively

Taurus often has a stocky physique, which can be plump or muscular, based on whether or not the bull works-out or indulges in a more hedonistic lifestyle. He usually has a clear complexion along with a rounded face. The bull usually has big eyes and a steady open gaze. He is likely to have a full head of thick, lustrous hair and frequently sports a beard. He generally has a swift sure walk. If disabled or injured he will bear himself with dignity and stoicism.

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