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Taurus Long Distance Relationship

Taurus Long Distance Relationship

Taurus thinks long and hard before entering into a relationship and will already have weighed up the pros and cons of entering into a long distance relationship.  For the tactile Taurean lack of physical contact is a major downside to having a long distance relationship so if they are prepared to pursue one they are banking on a long and happy union once you are finally together in the same place. As Taurus is what is known as a ‘fixed’ sign i.e. they stay committed to a course of action once they have decided upon it; they are unlikely to give up on the relationship unless they feel that their long distance love has lost interest. Even then Taurus will try to keep the relationship going unless it becomes abundantly clear that the relationship is going nowhere.

At some stage the Taurean will put their long distance love on the spot and demand to know exactly where the relationship is heading. They will also expect a timetable of events! Phone calls, gifts and regular visits are essential for making this relationship works as are romantic gifts.

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