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Taurus Christmas Gifts

Taurus Christmas Gifts

Taurus is more than happy with a practical gift provided that it is of excellent quality and shows that you have you have plenty of thought into it. The Taurean will be overjoyed if presented with delicious food or superb wine or brandy. Being taken out for a Christmas meal would also appeal as the Bull can then dress in all their finery and be waited on.

The Taurus’ favourite perfume or aftershave would also be appreciated as Taurus adores scent. As Taurus rules the throat a beautiful silk, cashmere or fine wool scarf, cravat or pashmina would be appreciated. So might a cashmere onesie given Taurus loves to lounge in comfort! Taurus is one of the few signs that is unlikely to be offended if bought comfy slippers or a blanket for Christmas.

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