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Taurus Character



Taurus is one of the most popular signs of the Zodiac and this is because your sun sign is full of things like optimism, persistence and loyalty.  You are warm hearted and dedicated, never afraid to reach for the stars and quite literally to pluck them out of the sky.

However, with all other signs, you have some traits that, if expressed, make up a darker side of your personality and that will affect how far you go in life. In your darker moments you can be overly possessive of what is yours and that includes people, stopping at nothing to get the things you covet and an overwhelming tendency to be inflexible.

You expect life to be just and fair, and do not approve of bullies or cheats. Many people assume that Taurus is always happy with the status quo but this is only true if Taurus feels that the status quo is fair. A Taurean who sees an injustice and feels that they can do something about it will do so.  However, your ego sometimes get in the way of you seeing that your way isn’t always the right way and this can be a turn off for others both personally and professionally.

To make the most of this year be less concerned with your own status and care less about what others think of you and what you own. It is likely that for some of you your obsession with owning the best of the best and keeping up with the neighbours has placed you in a great deal of debt or that some bills have gone by the wayside. The best thing you can do for yourself this year, if you haven’t already done so, is to put your financial house in order..

Career wise you are a stable employee and a very hard worker who isn’t one to shy away from getting your hands dirty, but you need to practice flexibility in the workplace and spend less time criticizing others.  Change is not your friend, so choosing a career path that is stable and has clearly defined tasks that are unlikely to change too much will be best for you in the New Year.

Because your work ethic is so high, you can excel in pretty much any career you choose. You also make for a great leader that people want to follow if you can keep your ego in check and not separate your co-workers into classes according to their job descriptions and how they dress. Instead focus on their individual talents and embrace those. You have an innate ability to do this so take steps to strengthen this great talent of yours. You are keen to take on a leadership role as you have a very clear idea of how things should be done and you are keen to implement it. However a managerial position will sometimes fail to provide you with the appreciation and ego strokes you require as much of the position is thank-less. You will be fine if you can find another way to get your need to be appreciated met.

In relationships there is great need for you to not find faults with your partner and you must let go of your possessive personality because you are smothering the one you love. Trust in the fact that they love you as much as you love them and note that if they do leave, it will be probably be due to your over possessive nature and nothing else.

Since you love all that is harmonious, bring that need for blissful harmony into your relationships and allow your partner to grow with you and on their own, and what you will find is that you have the innate ability to choose an amazing and equal partner in love, not an adversary.

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