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Switchwords – What Are They & How/Why Do They Work? Part 1 of 2

Switchwords – What Are They & How/Why Do They Work? Part 1 of 2

Switchwords are poignant words that directly influence the subconscious mind. Usually, whenever we hear a word, read a word or speak a word, we do so with our conscious mind. Our conscious mind is always in control of our actions and only a few rare behavioral traits, fears and strengths are derived from our subconscious memory. When we can bypass the conscious mind and directly connect with our subconscious mind with a word or phrase, they are called switchwords.

Switchwords: Illustrated!

Although our conscious mind is in the driving seat, the subconscious mind works all the time. It keeps recording every piece of information, even those that the conscious mind doesn’t observe or record. The subconscious mind knows what you should be looking for and it works without any voluntary intervention or control. The subconscious mind records positive experiences and consistently looks out for similar experiences and the words that are associated with such realities would also be in that ransacking. Hence, when switchwords which are associated with those experiences, acts or realizations are used, said, chanted or just thought of, they trigger those memories or realizations and a person is propelled to act in a manner that would seek out the desired experience or outcome.

How/Why do Switchwords work?

Think of switchwords as triggers. Just as you would turn on the lights or turn them off, switchwords would trigger your subconscious mind to think or recapitulate an experience, it would be propelled to make you act accordingly and you would be able to pursue the objective that you want to accomplish. Let us use an example to illustrate this.

  • Money is a quintessential requirement for any and sundry. There are many words we use to describe money, to even eulogize it to an extent and we are always looking for ways to make money. In our pursuits, we forget that our actions are almost mundane and repetitive. We also get subjected to mechanization or a regimental life. We can get complacent and we tend to ignore the larger picture. Whatever be the scenario, you need to be reminded that money is significant and that you must keep looking for opportunities to make more money. The switchword to reignite this thought or propulsion in you is ‘Count’.
  • When we think of ‘count’, we think of money. We associate the act of counting with money. This only applies to grown up people as kids would relate counting with doing math at school. Using the switchword ‘count’, you can influence your subconscious mind to look for ways to make money so you can count, to count what you have and to come up with strategies that can increase the wealth you have. Likewise, there are dozens of switchwords.

At this stage, we must bring in a caveat. There are switchwords that are universally applicable. There are switchwords that work for a majority of people. Then there are switchwords that only work for a person. It is absolutely possible that a switchword that works wonders for you would not work for your friend. The general or universal switchwords would work for both of you and even those that work for the majority of people will be effective. The personalized switchwords are a completely different set.


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