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Success Strategies for Virgo

Being a perfectionist can mean that you end up with nothing. Sometimes it is better to be pragmatic and compromise, Virgo.

You often find the sheer force of your sex-drive disturbing and try to suppress it. Rather than attempting to submerge or negate your passions, enjoy them and take pleasure in your sexual relationships.

Try following your instincts rather than relying on logic, occasionally. You may find it liberating.

You often help others out of sense of duty, but this can leave you vulnerable to being exploited. Learn to distinguish between those who genuinely need your help and those who are simply out to take advantage of you.

If you really must criticise others learn how to do so constructively. If you are too negative they will not listen and you will achieve nothing beyond causing pain. Rather than saying, ‘don’t do that’, suggest that they, ‘Try doing it like this’, or set an example by your own actions.

Team up with someone less logical than yourself.

Become an editor or programmer.

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