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Success Strategies for Taurus

Remember that security comes from building up your self-confidence, not from relying on material comfort or wealth.

Remember that you are entitled to express your opinion and to tell people what you want from them – you don’t have to suffer in silence. It is far better to speak your mind than to feel used and ignored.

Own your possessions rather than letting them own you and do not be sucked into a stressed, work-dominated lifestyle just because you feel that you need the money. It would be better to find a line of work that nourishes your spirit even if it means a drop in income.

If your are frightened of change, find out what it is about the proposed change that alarms you. Once you have worked this out you can begin to deal with your fears in a more rational way.

Play to your strengths – reliability and a realistic sense of what is achievable – and capitalise on them to provide a feeling of security for your loved ones.

Stop working all hours to fund an all-consuming hobby – make your hobby pay for itself

Start charging for that valuable advice that you give.

Stop feeling responsible for improving the lot of others.

Stop undervaluing your natural talents.

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