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Success Strategies for Leo

Rather than constantly striving to impress focus on others and your relationships are bound to improve.

While you attract many admirers with your radiant personality you can have difficulty holding on to them. Could it be because you have a tendency to always insist that they do what you want? Remember that their needs and desires, likes and dislikes, are not necessarily the same as yours. So why don’t you ask friends or lovers what they’d like to do and go along with that. They will be thrilled – and perhaps surprised – to know that you think their views count.

If you feel that people are ignoring you it may be that they think that you’re ignoring them. Try putting hurt feelings to one side and make others the centre of attention instead. Surprise someone close to you by lavishing praise and attention on them.

Learn new skills and gain in confidence by tackling a few of those tasks that you’re always delegating to others!

Try to get to know the real person instead of always going on appearances, Leo, that way you’ll be disappointed and/or taken in less often.

If you’re looking to adopt a healthier or less extravagant lifestyle set yourself easily achievable goals and stick to them. This will prove more rewarding than setting out with unrealistic aims and having to give up.

Marry a wealthy partner. Then divorce them and marry another! Just kidding!

Get a job in the media – anything that puts you centre stage.

Start a fashion trend.

Start a cult.

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