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Success Strategies for Gemini

Remember that unpredictability is unsettling so let others know if you change your plans.

Remember to take time to chill out. Go for a walk, read a book that grips you, chat to a few interesting friends or just take a few minutes to do some creative thinking to recharge your batteries.

Try not to promise more than you can deliver – doing this only leads to resentment on both sides.

Never, ever double-book yourself and do remember to be punctual.

Try not to duck responsibility. While you childlike demeanour can be charming it really isn’t fair to turn your partner into your parent!

Rather than resenting your partner if you feel that they are trapping you, explain that you need the freedom to do your own thing and that this does not mean that you don’t love them.

Try to find out how people really feel as opposed to distancing yourself by intellectualising/analysing/explaining away others’ emotions.

Charge for any information that you have to offer.

Become a speechwriter.

Go on general knowledge quiz shows or compile questions for quiz shows.

Sell a product that you really believe in.

Charge people for networking them with others!

Try not to intimidate others with your expert knowledge – it could be costing you a pay rise. Let them win an argument occasionally – it’s good for morale!

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