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Success Strategies for Cancer

If you find, like many Cancers, that worry is holding you back, find someone to whom you can talk. This will help you get your concerns into perspective.

Learn to delegate tasks, Cancer, you cannot do everything yourself nor should you.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the tasks that you have to complete prioritise them. Deal with the most important ones and delegate or just leave the rest.

If there is a job that you have been putting off due to fear of failure. Start it now, once you get going your confidence should grow.

If you are scared of approaching a potential mate because you feel that they will reject you make a move today. There are worse things a in life than rejection and think how great you’ll feel if they say yes. If they say no, just move on and accept that it’s their loss not yours.

Try not to hold onto resentments and grudges – forgive yourself and others. To improve your relationships try to find something good to say or do for other people instead.

Do not be embarrassed about being a sensitive, emotional, compassionate, intuitive and caring soul. These are fabulous qualities to have. Be proud of them. Just make sure that they don’t make you too withdrawn.

Complaining about how dreadful life is can make you afraid to take risks so stop it. Instead make the most of life and grab all that it has to offer with both hands.

Capitalize on your love of nurturing by devoting time to a children’s charity or setting up a healing center.

Learn to entertain a little less lavishly. In fact why not capitalise on your business skills, ability to entertain and love of cooking by opening a restaurant or hiring yourself out as a chef.

Start charging those who come and cry on your shoulder.

Respond to one charity appeal instead of all of them.

Stop being frightened of people in authority – respect, yes, fear, no!

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