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Success Strategies for Aquarius

You are very aware of your own uniqueness and individuality but you can treat everyone else as if they all the same. Remember that other people are individuals too.

Do not overanalyse or seek detailed explanations for how others feel. Just listen, sympathise and offer support.

Remember that as an air sign you are a communicator, but you can be a little blunt and tactless. Be aware of this when dealing with the sensitive, sometimes one can be too direct.

You have plenty of friends but sometimes prefer to handle difficult issues on your own. Then when you have doubts panic sets in. Use your network of friends and allies to help you through life’s hairier moments.

Try not to indulge in change for change sake, not everything needs modifying!

If you are a saturnine, serious-minded sort of Aquarian set aside some time to go wild occasionally.

If you are an undisciplined follower of Uranus, try to spend a week following a well-structured routine.

You believe in equality and like to believe that we all as good as one another, but in reality you do not always trust other people to things for you. You also have a tendency to be too proud to ask for help anyway. Try to trust people and share the responsibility for getting a task done. If you don’t you will have to bear the whole burden yourself.

Stop trying to ‘do it yourself’ to save cash. You will only end up depriving yourself of the time needed to do the things that really matter.

Accept other people’s suggestions and offers of help occasionally.

Accept financial help if its offered and you need it.

Don’t throw good money after bad and don’t waste money trying to compete with others.

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