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Straight Talking – How To Communicate With & Get The Most Out Of Your Colleagues Whatever Their Sun Sign

Straight Talking – How To Communicate With & Get The Most Out Of Your Colleagues Whatever Their Sun Sign

Libra  23 September – 22 October

To impress: Be patient and put up with several cancelled appointments! If feasible hold any meetings in tasteful, uncluttered surroundings. Ease the conversation round to business gradually and then put your points across clearly and speedily. If there are any creative aspects or opportunities for socializing involved in the project or job emphasize these. Make it clear the by falling in with your schemes Libra will be doing the best for their colleagues.

To undermine: Shabby surroundings are a must as is emphasizing the financial aspects of the desired outcome. (Libra likes money but prefers not to admit this.) Once the Libran is turned on by what is on offer disappear, for the Libran will have forgotten the points that they were going to raise. If you are feeling really Machiavellian start talking about your infamous triumph over some underdog.

Scorpio   23 October – 21 November

To impress: Be punctual and keep to any arrangements made. Ensure that you are truthful and that you appear open and businesslike. Stress any power that the Scorpio may gain from the associating with you.

To undermine: Appear to be vague and shifty for the Scorpio will then become obsessed with finding out what you are trying to hide. If the Scorpio is roused to accuse you of being dishonest reassure them in such a way as to make the feel ridiculous. Stress the number of competitors for the role involved – this may force a rash decision. Find some way to ensure that the Scorpio is in your debt.

Sagittarius  22 November – 21 December

To impress: Talking about sport, philosophy and the opposite sex should forge a bond. Emphasize the benefits in terms of freedom, opportunities for travel and new experiences to be had if the Sagittarian does what you require of them. Highlight any challenging aspects of the job or project on offer.

To undermine: Again emphasize the challenges but imply that the Sagittarian lacks the experience or ability to handle them. Ensure that each decision is prolonged for as long as possible as impatience is likely to cause the Archer to make mistakes. These should be picked up on immediately in order to undermine confidence.

Capricorn   22 December – 19 January

To impress: Keep discussions brisk and businesslike emphasizing a belief in the importance of hard work and traditional values. Should the Capricorn find any weaknesses in the proposal that you are putting forward discuss them openly emphasizing how confident you feel about solving them with Capricorn’s help.

To undermine: Present any offer as quickly as possible and make the Capricorn painfully aware of how slowly their mind works. Ensure that you appear to be a real power player for then the Capricorn will be very keen to associate with you.

Aquarius  20 January – 18 February

To impress: Keep the atmosphere relaxed and informal. Highlight the humanitarian aspects of the project or role in hand. Be enthusiastic and emphasize any opportunities for creativity or inventiveness associated with your scheme.

To undermine: Ensure that the atmosphere is as stuffy and formal as possible. Sell your idea or project enthusiastically enough for the Aquarian to want to be a part of it. Then imply that they lack the necessary ability. Abruptly change the subject leaving your victim eager to ‘sell’ themselves to you.

Pisces  19 February – 20 March

To impress: Approach on a personal level only discussing business once a bond has been established. Emphasize the creative and humanitarian aspects of your proposal.

To undermine: Play the role of corporate warrior. Emphasize the creative and humanitarian aspects of your proposal. Then demand an immediate decision.

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