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Star Sign Hoaders – Is Capricorn, Aquarius Or Pisces A Hoarder?

Is Capricorn A Hoarder?

This sign aims to project an aura of excellent taste and understated class. The Sea Goat won’t go for a cluttered environment – a cluttered environment equals a cluttered mind, thinks Capricorn. Clutter would also get in the way of this sign’s love of time management. “How much time would I lose if everything is not in its proper place, spotlessly clean and immediately visible?” thinks Capricorn.

Is Aquarius A Hoarder?

Non-Aquarians might expect the Aquarius home to be all space age minimalism and in some cases it is. However, many Aquarians live in a cluttered environment filled with plenty of weird and wonderful items that serve as conversation pieces once a visitor remarks upon them.

The Aquarian is also not overly interested in their immediate environment so does not always notice if they’re living in a complete and utter tip!

Is Pisces A Hoarder?

Pisces collects plenty of treasures (or clutter as far as other sun signs are concerned). The Piscean home is colourful, cosy and chaotic. Although the Piscean cannot stand a dirty environment they are more than happy with an environment that is stuffed to bursting point with treasured mementos and things that fire the Piscean imagination.

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