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Spiritual Lessons To Be Learned – Scorpio’s Spiritual Goal

Spiritual Lessons To Be Learned – Scorpio’s Spiritual Goal

From an astrological and coaching perspective the positions of the planets in our twelve astrological houses tells us what lessons we have been placed on earth to learn – in other words our spiritual quest.

What Scorpio Is Here to Learn – Scorpio’s Spiritual Goal

Astrologically a Scorpio is said to be at one of three stages of evolution.

A stage one Scorpio is symbolised by the scorpion and exercises power through emotion and instinct. In this first stage the scorpion will sting others and then itself in remorse.

A stage two Scorpio is symbolised by the golden eagle and exercises power through the intellect. In the second stage the scorpion will observe the flow of power, both political and sexual. It will then swoop down and seize its victim.

A stage three Scorpio is symbolised by the dove of peace and the phoenix and exercises power through love. The phoenix represents the scorpion transformed gone is the tendency to be judgemental and power obsessed. In its place there is the capacity for observation without judgement and, therefore, compassion. This is a Scorpion that can teach others to focus on that which is hidden and which really matters.

The Scorpion is as complex as his or her three symbols imply and Scorpio’s highest task is to achieve self-mastery through self-reform. In this way Scorpio can eventually transcend his or her lower scorpion existence and attain the higher levels of the eagle or dove. Deep down the Scorpion person knows that their destiny to continually transform and reinvent themself. This is a sign that knows how to rise from the ashes of pain and defeat and experiences life through relentlessly pursuing extremes.

Achieving power through cooperation and love is the scorpion’s major challenge. Achieving this type of power does not come from trying to conform to someone else’s expectations but from developing a deep awareness of one’s own being and potential. From Taurus, Scorpio’s opposite sign, the scorpion can learn to recognise and value the talents of others. By doing this Scorpio can learn to value his or her talents more realistically rather than being hypercritical. The Scorpion must also learn to curb his or her misuse of power and arrive at the point where he or she uses power in the service of love.

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