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Spiritual Lessons To Be Learned – Pisces’ Spiritual Goal

Spiritual Lessons To Be Learned – Pisces’ Spiritual Goal

From an astrological and coaching perspective the positions of the planets in our twelve astrological houses tells us what lessons we have been placed on earth to learn – in other words our spiritual quest.

What Pisces Is Here to Learn – Pisces’ Spiritual Goal

Pisceans allow themselves to be drained by many professional and personal situations. They need to protect themselves by developing boundaries and developing the Virgoan traits of analysis, mental-detachment, clear goal setting and rational thought. In this way Pisceans can take the positive route through life and stick to it. Pisceans can help themselves develop more persistence by engaging in tasks that enhance their belief in their ability to perform and deliver.

Pisces spiritual goal is to find an outlet for their psychic, healing and artistic powers so that they may find peace through serving others. The Piscean needs to find those who will value what he or she has to offer and who will ensure that the dreamy Piscean brings their talents to bear on the physical world rather than spending too much time living in a dreamlike state.

Pisceans want to see the whole picture, which can make focussing a challenge and they can become overwhelmed by the level of detail they pick up, leading to obsession rather than rational decision making. Pisceans need to pick up the Virgoan traits of attention to detail, focussed attention and practicality in order to manifest their dreams.

With your ability to tap into higher spiritual realms and the collective unconscious you can, at your best, bring the wonders of the spiritual realm to earth, possibly through films or music. At your worst and most disconnected from higher consciousness you drift aimlessly, your vision clouded by mental fog. Negative energies from others or too much self-sacrifice can cut you off from the connectedness that you need to feel comfortable and thrive so do take care to establish boundaries. Once you feel connected to a higher power you feel comfortable, supported and sure of yourself as you go with the flow.

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