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Spiritual Lessons To Be Learned – Aquarius’ Spiritual Goal

From an astrological and coaching perspective the positions of the planets in our twelve astrological houses tells us what lessons we have been placed on earth to learn – in other words our spiritual quest.

What Aquarius Is Here to Learn

Your spiritual goal is to learn how to develop true self-confidence. From your opposite sign Leo you can learn how to make choices that are right for you, rather than holding to some unrealistic ideal. In this way you will develop the emotional self-confidence to make the world a better place for you as well as the rest of humanity.

As a sign that has the power, communication skills and inventiveness to change the world you need to learn to tune into the inner voice that will guide you on your quest to make the world a better rather than relying too heavily on group consensus. Only by knowing what you truly feel to be right can you speak from the heart and communicate your vision to the rest of humanity, anything less appears sterile and academic.

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