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Should Taurus Beware The Ides Of March?

Should Taurus Beware The Ides Of March?

During the Ides of March the planet Pluto is in the sign of Capricorn causing an upheaval all in itself. For you this means that all the earth signs will be on edge and each of those signs (including that of Taurus) are thinking of settling old scores and it is naturally a time when your darker side will emerge. What’s more relevant is that with the Ides, you are more apt to give into this darker side of self, which can create havoc.

The normally gentler side of Taurus will be absent for much of this month and it is actually (in a twist of irony) that other signs need to be watching out for you rather than you having to watch your back. Though you are not usually jealous of others who have more success than you, you will be this month, which is infuriating. You may begin to list every area where you have fallen short and dwell on it, while at the same time resenting others who have been more successful. Anyone who has recently stolen your thunder may be in trouble this month, so take care to not concentrate on those who you feel have done you wrong, as you have the ability and desire to now act on it.

Your romantic relationships may also suffer during this time because unlike other signs, you will feel like competing with your lover and thus, if you feel or see your partner taking credit from you, being less focused on your accomplishments or generally succeeding in areas that you aren’t, you will be quick to spot this and maybe even attempt to derail them.


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