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How to See Yourself as Others See You

How to See Yourself as Others See You

Perception is everything and every human being has encountered a situation where they have wondered how other people see them.  Whether it be in specific situations or in general, having the opportunity to know how you are perceived by others can be quite beneficial.  Rather than lying awake at night wondering about other people’s opinions, consider having the ability to see yourself as others see you.  It can help you to act appropriately in specific situations and to make better decisions in regards to your everyday life.

Step 1: Other People Reflect You

This is a common concept that is constantly discussed but incredibly difficult for some to grasp.  People are essentially your mirror and they reflect you.  All of your traits and emotions are reflected back towards you through interactions with others.  As an example, if you are being rude towards someone, they will be rude in return.  Having the ability to understand that other people reflect you will allow you to see yourself as others see you.

Step 2: People Talk About You for a Reason

This concept is extremely prevalent throughout social circles, especially with youth and young adults.  Having other people talk about you is a common concept in today’s society and although some of things that they say are negative, there is a reason as to why they are saying them.  You will want to take a step back and review how you converse with other people to determine if you are being dismissive or unfriendly towards them, causing them to talk badly about you.  Although there are some people who spread rumors and lies, the majority of people will talk about you with truthfulness.  It is important to notice why they are talking about you in order to grasp how others see you.

Step 3: Continue Seeing Yourself as Others See You

Although you may assume that being able to see yourself as others see you is an exercise that you will have to perform once in your life, it is a common thing that you will have to practice throughout your years.  You will encounter a variety of different relationships with different people and in order to have a beneficial and/or working relationship with these people, you must be able to see yourself as others see you.  This will help you to become a more likeable person and allow you to live your life to the fullest.



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