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Scorpio Long Distance Relationship

Scorpio Long Distance Relationship

If they are in committed relationship (or one that they feel has real potential) then Scorpio can cope with a long distance relationship. I say cope because Scorpio really needs physical intimacy and finds physical separation hard. Unlike more outgoing signs they do not usually distract themselves by heading out with a group of friends. They might have a spot of ‘comfort sex’ and will expect you to understand that that’s all it was. Should you find out, that is! Woe, betide you if you cheat, however. Be aware that you will need to constantly reassure your Scorpio that you will not, have not and haven’t even thought about cheating on them.

The Scorpion is unlikely to dump someone because they’ve been posted abroad for a few months though they will expect plenty of reunions and a clearly defined end point as far as the period of separation is concerned. Of course the Scorpion may choose to end the separation themselves by turning up on your doorstep having just got posted to the country in which you currently reside.

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